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Tooling and Moulding.

Gloucester based Adept Precision provide Machining, Prototype and Production Tooling along with an integrated moulding capability. Manufacturing tooling in aluminium and steel, we match your requirements with appropriate tooling to deliver a viable moulded solution. 

Precision Machining, Tooling and Moulding Solutions.

Tooling, machining and moulding backed up by a full design and prototyping service, ready and waiting to get your product to market.

UK Based

Personal Service

Want to be hands on but don’t have the time? We design, prototype, tool and mould in Gloucestershire allowing you to visit and see things happen as often as you like!


Quality Assured

Highly experienced, qualified Toolmakers, Machininsts and Moulders along with supporting design teams, provide outstanding quality and reliability with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance.

Prototype Tooling

Low Volume Moulding

Standardised bolsters, loose inserts, and aluminium tooling, we have the options to make injection moulding viable in lower quantities for your current, future or re-shored project.

Who We Are.

Adept Precision offer tooling and moulding solutions and precision cnc machining services.

We are a team of skilled, designers, machinists, toolmakers and moulding engineers who work closely together to support your design, prototype, tooling and moulding requirements all the way to production.

With an onsite toolroom to support our moulding operation, we build development (aluminium) tools as well as production tooling and mould from tens’s to hundreds of thousands all in the UK.

Combine our cnc services, design and decades of additive manufacturing experience we can get you to market quickly and proficiently.


What We Do.

What we do depends entirely upon you and your requirements but what we can say is we can guarantee high quality tooling, precision cnc machining and exceptional moulding. 

A range of machines and capabilities, coupled with experience and dedication allows us to optimise tooling to provide fast turnaround times, and injection moulding solutions to suit your product development requirements.

Working closely with Plunkett Associates allows us to provide a complete package to fulfill all client project requirements. Bringing design and a wealth of other manufacturing options to the table allows all aspects of a project to be undertaken.

Precision Tooling

With manufacture taking place in the UK in high specification aluminium alloys and a range of steels, you can be assured of high quality tooling to suit your requirements.

We can help with Rapid Tools for speed, Bridge Tools to bridge the gap between prototyping and production and Development Tools for flexibility as well as the more traditional Production Tools. We aim to:

*provide a local UK source for tooling, providing onsite trials that clients can be involved in,

*be able to optimise the tooling for client requirements and quantities, through standardised bolsters, loose inserts etc,

*support low volume tooling options through the use of tooling grade aluminium.

Precision Moulding Solutions.

Injection Moulding is a great process!

It delivers the production intent material and, once tooling is in place, parts are available quickly and at low cost.

The range of materials and colours is huge, parts are repeatable and there is great design flexibility.

In addition, we have spent many years developing strategies and techniques to take away some of the issues that crop up for parts that would traditionally be considered too difficult or unusual to mould.

As a result, we are specialists in making injection moulding far more cost effective for much lower quantities of parts than is more commonly expected.


Added Value Services.

Want to be hands on but don’t have the time? No problem!

In conjunction with Plunkett Associates, we can handle all aspects of your product development here in the UK, from Prototype to Production with expert design, material and production advice.

Contact Us.

To discuss your project, request a quote, or simply to ask for some advice, please contact us by email, phone or fill in the form opposite.  We are a happy bunch and don’t bite!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Team at Adept

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